Dillards Free Shipping Coupon Code

Dillards Free ShippingIt is their biggest sale of the year. Dillard has a surcharge of 50% discount on all items permanently reduced. It's the time of year that I get up and go to the super Dillard, to fight against the ridiculous amount of customers soon, to get my size on a nice pair of shoes. However I am age for the holidays, and Spokane, Washington does not have Dillard. So I had to do online shopping this year.

I love online shopping, but I can't stand paying postage. And here's the thing about this sale: If you decide that you want something, buy it immediately! I put the shoes in a basket and I went around. When I decided that I had enough, I went to check and they were gone! Someone stole their right by me! I mean, nothing!

I'm not impressed, but worth a look. So if you have a moment, take a look.