Sale of a day of Macy 15. January

Another one-day sale is upon us! Yesterday I went for a quick visit and evaluate the pre-sales. And I'll be honest, it is one of the worst one-day sale ever. All 40% off clearance merchandise is just a 60% off and everything already 65% off merchandise is only 80% off!

On this poor display, all this length is classified as "Super" (aka you cannot use coupons on them). This is bad news and ten points, I tried yesterday, not a single one of them goes with me. If this is more than $ 10, I can wait for Macy comes to his sense and hard brands these items down to $ 17.99 or $ 14.99 in the coming weeks.

There is some good news, however. Discover clearance shoes. Those are all 75% discount, plus you can use a coupon with them. I found a couple that I will post later this week! Disappointing sales in a day. This does not mean that it is not useful to take a look! Happy shopping!