Guidelines for strategic shopping at drugstores

The simplest way to save money usually is to become an authority at the stores’ savings policies. This month I will be able to cover the fundamental savings strategies you should use at major retailers in Atlanta that will assist you earn a significant dent with your household spending in 2012. 
I call it “Strategic Shopping” defined as “changing the way in which you choose the products which you like, not compromising about what you wish to make use of or eat. ” Basically, you may enjoy a similar standard of living with a much lower cost if you re able to master basic shopping strategies. 

Strategic Shopping has three components : Knowing your stores’ savings policies, knowing when to make use of coupons, and knowing the prices of your respective common items. The magic of Strategic Shopping is having the ability to stock up in your items at prices which are 75 percent or even more from the regular prices, all seasons long. When you learn methods of Strategic Shopping, you should use this column and also the CouponMom. com website to find out what the very best deals are each week. Each store has its own unique savings policies that you may combine with coupons and promotions. 

The drugstore chains (CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid ) all have numerous savings policies which are similar, however they work slightly differently each and every store. For instance, each store has an “automatic rebate program” that provides you some form of reward as store credit to be applied on the future order. These are likely to be high-value rewards, however you will only save money in case you remember to make use of the reward sooner or later. 

If you‘re a new comer to Strategic Shopping in the drugstores, you would want to pick perhaps one of the chains to hone your savings skills. Once you’ve mastered one store, you‘ll make a decision to feature one or two additional stores. Visit each store’s website for any detailed explanation of of the savings programs. This is definitely an overview of many of the most frequently-used savings strategies at CVS : 

Weekly Ads. CVS Weekly Sales prices begin on Sunday and end on Saturday. You could find the circular inside the Sunday AJC, in stores an internet-based. 

CVS Extracare card : In case you don’t already have one, pick one up at the local CVS to obtain sale prices, store coupons and automatic rebates called ExtraBucks. Attend CVS. com to register the card and you‘ll receive high-value store coupons via email and junk mail sooner or later. 

CVS Coupon Center : Look out for the red coupon kiosk in stores, scan your CVS card and you‘ll CVS store coupons. You are able to combine store coupons with manufacturers’ coupons coming from the AJC on a single item for giant savings, so cause it to be a habit to scan your card as soon while you walk inside the store. 

Store coupons : You will get CVS store coupons in your receipts, so make sure to check out the bottom of your respective receipt to discover if there will be coupons you‘d use sooner or later. 
Manufacturers coupons : CVS accepts coupons at face value (they don‘t double coupons ). 

Extrabucks Rewards : When you choose a qualifying item, an Extrabucks Reward prints in your receipt and that is store credit on the future order. These are generally identical to cash so keep them out inside a safe place and remember to make use of them. 

CVS Beauty Club : This is among the most overlooked easy savings opportunity at CVS. Check in at CVS. com to the Beauty Club, which provides you a 10% rebate on several qualifying personal care items. Once your accumulated spending hits $50, you‘ll a $5 Extrabucks reward and that is equal to some 10 percent rebate. Your product spending is tracked driven by sale prices from the items, before coupons are deducted. Because it’s tracked automatically and also the rebate is issued automatically, this can be a no brainer. Every time you spend the accumulated $50, you’ll obtain the $5 reward. Note : This really is not limited to women, albeit it’s known as Beauty Club. Men’s shampoos, lotions, along with other personal care products will also be included inside the collection of participating items. 
Guidelines for strategic shopping at drugstores

A typical CVS deal will be a name-brand of shampoo that is requried to be made by sale for $5 (regularly-priced at $7 ). It could have an Extrabucks promotion that will provide you with a $5 reward whenever you spent $15 regarding that shampoo line. Therefore, in case you bought three bottles you’d obtain the reward. 

Simultaneously, there could possibly be a $1 coupon for the shampoo inside the AJC, therefore you could use three manufacturers’ coupons. Whenever you scan your CVS card in the coupon center, you may obtain a store coupon for $3 off any hair care purchase over $10. Let’s add everything up : $15 for three bottles, less the $3 store coupon, less $3 in manufacturers’ coupons equals $9 spent in the register. You‘d get $1. 50 in credit for Beauty Club (with $15 in spending toward the $50 goal ) and you also would obtain a $5 Extrabucks Reward. Although you spent $9 in the register, your net cost after subtracting future store credit could be $2. 50 for three bottles, or 83 cents per bottle, a savings of 88 percent. 
And you’ll have enough shampoo to last till the next sale !